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With weddings taking a bit of back seat over the past 20 months it is interesting to see that the modernisation of the marriage register has been adopted.

The old paper documentation for the marriage schedule will be digitised and rolled out by law to include both the fathers and mothers details of both parties to be wed. Traditionally only Father’s details have been included on the wedding register, and now with the new law; which will be implemented by civil and religious weddings will allow for a much more detailed document and inclusion of both valid parents. Importantly the idea is that the information will be stored more securely and up to date to ensure its relevance and a massive bonus- it will save millions of trees!

Once registered digitally you will then receive your certificate - no stress of loosing it on the wedding day, in the midst of a hug-a-thon from all your guests or when you initiate a dance off with the bridesmaids…

This is all interesting but for now and forever more, those tracing their family ancestry, using the wedding registers it will be like scrolling through Facebook and finding those long lost family members waaay easier! “Hellooo, twenty second cousin three times removed in Canada, I’m coming to visit”

Anyways, the digitisation of the wedding register will still include paper documentation requiring to be signed by the couple, their witnesses and the officiator - so I think the fake signing of the register will stick around for a little longer!

Wont quite be the same posing with a tablet or will it?

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