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How long have you been a Wedding Photographer?!

People always ask me -what made you become a wedding photographer? And I often have to think, because I never really set out to be one, it just sort of happened. As all great things do…

My first professional photography job was at 21 on a cruise ship and Wedding Ceremonies were a service they offered. Passengers had the opportunity to get married by the Ships Captain, pretty cool, aye?!

Imagine… Ship floating along, ocean view as a backdrop to your vows, intimate ceremony, 5* indulgent food and a honeymoon all rolled into a fantastic P&O cruise.

Anyways in my time at sea I photographed so many events, portraits, landscapes and of course weddings - I used all these skills and came back to land and tested the water (no pun intended) in filming and broadcast TV, this lead me back to weddings. Although, very much different on land. A wedding at sea would take a maximum of 90 mins, on land a church ceremony can last 90 mins… but I love how close you feel to family after a 12 hour day with some of the wedding guests, you can really get involved and meet so many characters. My job is about observation, capturing unique moments (without sounding cheesy) to create a visual story and weddings allow me to do what I love- people watching.

Every wedding is different and this is what keeps me working within the wedding industry, I don’t like the idea of a 9-5. I love what I do, the people, the challenges, the changes and it makes me want it more everyday.

I am so looking forward to getting back in to the full swing of everything wedding related. These last few months have been tough, no denying that. I had times of self doubt and questioned is it time to ‘RESKILL’ (even after 15 years in the industry) but after having the opportunity to develop some self skills, I AM BACK. And ready to shine with my fellow wedding creatives and for my Brides and Grooms- that have been though the same shite we all have and still fighting for their special day. Cake days are coming!

I CANT WAIT, to meet more excited couples and talk about where they’re from and where they are going <3

Big Love


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