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Lockdown optimistically is due to end very soon and that means weddings can now be bigger and more full of love like they were prior to COVID-19, but will everyone feel the same about getting lots of people together in masses?!

I feel like there has been a LOT of stress and pressure to rearrange events and especially weddings to accommodate the changing regulations (albeit some absolutely ridiculous rules), but some couples have embraced the restrictions and still had a wicked time celebrating regardless of limited numbers and no dancing rules! WTF!!! Imagine??

I myself continue to approach everything with a day by day attitude, things are changing and continuing to do so. It is hard not to get upset by it all- not just wedding planning but daily life. We are not built to take on all the pressure and stress, share it ask for help, get someone else to review your thoughts and processes!

Micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular because couples want to get married and regardless of what the government is saying LOVE WINS!!! When I photographed weddings on Cruise Ships, the couples travelled mostly on their own to say their vows, it was a no fuss but big love kinda thing for most of them. It's an option and nothing less than a bigger family wedding, just different. You can maximise your time and do as you wish, go for a pint, eat a greggs, ride the big wheel and from a personal point of view more opportunity for photographs. Yes.

A micro wedding is not for everyone but it is totally doable and just as fun! I have had the pleasure of shooting some in the middle of the pandemic and I can confirm they were wonderful, just as epic as you make it! Although, I do very much look forward to the after parties that are planned next year also :-)

Other things to consider are rather than rescheduling, you are showing support and helping your suppliers stay in business and keeping hope and LOVE alive - there’s always next time for the excuse of a big party to celebrate with all the fam and the neighbour who you call auntie but isn’t even related… AND you can get dressed up again!!!

So if you desperately want to get married then the option of a Micro Wedding may appeal followed by a big bash at a later date?! Consider your options and together we will make it the best day EVER. The best wedding yet, the best wedding that no-one will ever forget!

Big Love


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