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Pre Shoot

Getting ready for your pre wedding shoot but haven’t figured out what to wear? Or where to go?

My advice is keep it you. If you are bold and colourful, do that. If you do more mellow and neutral, go for that. It’s best to be as comfortable as you can be. Its a great idea to match or clash - as I say be you!

Focus on choosing a location that reflects you both or somewhere that is special to you or maybe somewhere you’ll not be able to venture to on your wedding day. Choices of locations are endless. I like to think I am fairly adventurous and so happy to go to your choice of location or suggest an adventure to the top of a mountain (or a big hill) or a swim in the sea!

Think about the pre wedding shoot as a practice for the big day. You get the opportunity to have a special set of images, the experience will help you be more comfortable in front of the camera and it is also great for me to get to know you how you are with a big lens shoved in your face. HaHa.

Most of my couples say how much they hate having their photograph taken and how awkward they are, however looking at my galleries you wouldn’t believe it… And so the pre shoot will help reduce the nerves and anxiety prior to the day, a beer or two can always assist also.

My pre wedding photo shoots have consisted of such different vibes- dogs, beaches, swings, boats and pubs… Time to get thinking so we can create images that reflect the real you and your lives together as a couple. It's an hour or so of time but can really help make you feel so much more comfortable and limit time spent with me on your wedding day rather then with your guests but still getting the incredible portraits on the day.

I offer a pre shoot with all my wedding packages to ensure we get the best out of the wedding day, you’ll be in fancy clothes and generally on top of the world so its a very different story after the vows!

Big Love


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